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Formerly “Blackboard Math Classroom”, EG Classroom Teacher is our multi-user, multi-device classroom management and homework review application. It is designed based on input from teachers who are using tablets and apps as a standard part of their curriculum. Classroom Teacher provides features that teachers have identified as crucial to tracking progress and staying abreast with an entire class of students.

Classroom Teacher is also well-suited for home use. Whether a family has one, two, or many tablet/phone devices, Classroom Teacher makes it easy for parents to stay informed of how their children are doing with their practices.


The Dashboard screen provides a quick overview of the results for the entire class roster. View when each student has last practiced and the app they practiced on. View at-a-glance the five most recent practices and the grades received on each. While the teacher or parent may synchronize/refresh the work from any student registered in their classroom, the app will automatically synchronize with classroom registered tablets periodically through the day (as long as they are on the same network).

The Dashboard screen is also the interface for classroom management activities, for launching detailed review of student practice results, and for initiating direct-messages to students and email to parents or guardians.

The Reviewer provides a summary of a student’s practices in a month-at-a-glance format. It also lets the teacher or parent view both session results and screen captures for individual problems. Classroom has the added ability to email a student’s session results and screen captures from the Reviewer.

Teachers and parents can send direct messages to students. Direct messages are delivered the next time the student logs into any of their practice apps. The student will receive a short message plus an optional image.

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