EG Classroom Decimals™

Practice decimals just like you would in a classroom!

Classroom Decimals uses the entire touch-screen as a virtual slate for students to solve math problems longhand. Following the adage, “If you want to remember something write it down,” students write out their work as they solve complex, multi-digit decimal problems. It is a modern take on the traditional method of learning math: careful practice and working out problems.

The benefits of solving math problems longhand include:

  • Improves learning by involving the fine motor control centers of the brain
  • Exercises the full range of steps required to solve arithmetic problems
  • Makes complicated problems more solvable
  • Rewards focus, care, and contentiousness, over rapid-fire answers and guess-work
  • Promotes attention-span
  • Creates a written record to review potential sources of repeat mistakes
  • Allows students to prove understanding by showing solutions with multiple methods

Classroom Decimals is the successor app to Classroom Arithmetic™. Students practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimal numbers. As students gain proficiency, the difficulty level is automatically adjusted to keep them challenged and engaged. Students can also choose a difficulty level for extra practice.

Beyond practicing arithmetic operators, Classroom Decimals™ also includes activities for inequalities, percents and place value conceptual understanding.


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