EG Classroom™

Formerly known as “Blackboard Math”, EG Classroom is a suite of application that use the entire touch-screen as a virtual slate for students to solve math problems longhand. EG Classroom integrates technology and traditional methods of learning, while incorporating years of educator’s experience and knowledge. The suite is a solution for parents looking for extra practice for their children, and teachers looking for supplemental material to their curriculum.

Arithmetic, Decimal and Fractions apps can be used independently at home or in school. The Teacher app allows an instructor to manage a group of students using a mix of Arithmetic, Decimals and Fractions apps by tracking progress, and sending messages.

Arithmetic, Decimals and Fractions apps are available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. The Teacher app is available on Android, and is coming soon to iPhone and iPad.

This short movie describes the EG Classroom suite:


EG Classroom Applications










* Multi-user avatars are reproduced or modified from artwork created and shared by Neel Mehta and used according to the terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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